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FitWorkz 24 Hour Gym in DeKalb.   FitWorkz members enjoy access to the largest 24 Hour gym in the area. FitWorkz also offers affordable access to personal, group and tream training. Training is focused on improving core strength, balance, flexibility and more all in a functional training environment. The group functional training Members also take advantage of Eat by Color Nutrition programming, nutrition plans and meal programs.


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May 2016 Free Training and Class Schedule

Spring is *finally* here, and summer is around the corner.  This spring has been busy, but you’re ready to kick it in high gear for that summer body.  Let FitWorkz and our FREE TRAINING sessions help you get there.  Check out the calendar below and sign up on MindBody for the sessions you want.  All sessions are FREE to members!  Sign up today or call the club for more details.


May Calendar 2016

April 2016 Free Training and Class Schedule

Spring is upon us!  Now is the time to get back into the workout routine to get ready for that beach body.  If you’re looking for that extra push in motivation to get you started again, attend any of our free training and classes.  The April schedule is linked below.  Call the club or sign up online to reserve your spot today.  Space is limited.

April Calendar 2016

Salt is NOT the Enemy

There’s a lot of folklore today regarding the amount of sodium someone should consume in a day, particularly within the body building community. There’s a belief that an excess of sodium will cause the body to retain water and as a result strange and unhealthy tactics have been used to reduce this effect, such as salt and water depletion. Now this is true to an extent but an excess of sodium won’t cause you to look bloated and fatter than you actually are. We’ve prepped many competitors and have paid no attention to sodium intake, meanwhile they look just as “shredded” if not more so than their competition. The only difference is that our athletes aren’t dehydrated, fatigued, and cramping on game day. In fact, a low sodium intake can have quite the negative effect on weight training. When you deplete your sodium intake, your body will struggle to hang on to potassium which in turn will cause muscle cramping/fatigue. A little fun fact: soldiers in Afghanistan would consume sodium phosphate pills on a daily basis to prevent cramping and fatigue in the arid climate. Knowledgeable weight trainers often consume 5,000mg or more on a daily basis because of the correlation between sodium intake and your muscles ability to contract to their fullest extent. Now I’m not saying to grab your salt shaker and start pouring salt down your gullet.  What I am saying is to not worry and obsess over how much salt you’re consuming in a day, that is unless you have a medical condition wherein it would be required to do so. Let’s be honest, chicken is bland enough as it is. Put on as much seasoning as you want and don’t think twice.



This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *


Don’t be Duped by Supplement Ads, Train Less for Faster Gains, and Food Addiction

Supplement companies dupe customers into buying their products. A client makes more gains by training less (second client in a few weeks to report this), and food addiction.

So today I got an email from a client we train online. She is absolutely rocking it progress wise. She is middle age and looks easily a decade younger than she is. Her email included a recipe for a protein shake. The recipe supposedly turned the signal on in your cells to burn fat, fights hunger, raises metabolism and a ton of other stuff. The recipe is really an extremely well written advertisement written to market a protein powder. The problem is that to most it looks like nothing more than a great recipe. This is one way that the supplement industry dupes people to buying their products. Be aware of what you are reading. If it promises the world and seems to good to be true it likely is.

Twice in the last few weeks, clients have reported making better progress even though they are training less. Yes you read that correctly. Clients are training less and making major progress. This is all too common. Enough of the right exercise produces awesome results. Too much of the right exercise can often be too much and slow your progress. How much is enough? Many find 2-3 hours a week of exercise perfect if it is spent 70% on weights and 30% High Intensity Interval Cardio.

Food addiction is real. Here is why. When some foods are consumed dopamine, the feel good chemical in the brain, is increased. Take chocolate, many crave chocolate when they are down in the dumps. Why? Dopamine. Same thing with many foods, especially those higher in simple carbs and fats, we crave them because they make us feel good. This is why in Eat by Color I wrote that food is the most addictive drug on the planet and a five year old can manipulate it in the kitchen. If you really crave something, like chocolate have it. Research indicates that trying satisfy the craving with something else will not work. That is a major take home point. It is better to have a piece of chocolate then have something to curb the craving only to have the chocolate anyways.

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This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *


March 2016 Free Training and Class Schedule

The month of March can be good and bad.  The weather starts to cooperate more as spring like conditions are preeminent, people are looking to get outside, and then it can take an immediate turn back to winter conditions.  It can be maddening!  To keep you from going completely stir crazy with being stuck indoors, attend any of our free training and class to keep you on track with your continued fitness goals.  Spring Break is right around the corner…are you looking to get slim and sassy for your trip?  Our free training and class schedule will get you on your way to the Spring Break body you’ve been dreaming about since January 1st!

Sign up at the club, call (815)756-1188, or sign on to MindBody and get your space reserved.

March 2016 Training Calendar

February 2016 Free Training and Class Schedule

Sweetheart candy


Gear up and get ready…the February 2016 FREE TRAINING and class schedule is available!  This month’s theme is “Sweat with your Sweetheart”, where you have the opportunity to get in a great workout with your special someone.  Our free training is full of Valentine themed workout activities which are great to use in your current routine.

We are also offering a Specialized Training Program, Fit to a “T”!  This program is great for the golf enthusiast, or if you’re looking to begin golf, attend our training program where we can help you stay balanced and increase coordination for you to have a successful golf season!

Schedule your session on MindBody, or call the club for more details!


February 2016 Calendar

Failure or Success in 2016?

It’s that time of year again and those that made fitness resolutions are on the prowl looking to make big changes in 2016. This article will be geared towards anyone with a New Year’s resolution pertaining to fitness and for anyone who is a regular gym goer and would like to help some of the “resolutioners” out.

For starters, we should ask the question “why do the majority of New Year’s resolutions tend to fail?” In terms of health, wellness, and weight loss, the answer is pretty simple…RESULTS (or a lack there of)! We see it happen every year, people flock to the cardio equipment and machines in hopes of achieving a “beach body” for summer while at the same time making no major changes to their diet. After 30 days (or so) of this they notice no significant changes in the mirror and they typically give up on their resolution.

The solution to this problem is fairly easy, stop doing the same thing every year and expecting a different result. Get off the cardio equipment and machines and ask a trainer about functional training. If you would like guidance, set up a time to meet with me and I will give you 30 days of functional training for free to show you the ropes. Ask a trainer about Eat by Color and learn how to eat intelligently in a busy/chaotic lifestyle.

The bottom line is just try something new. Whether it’s changing your eating habits, getting off the treadmill and into the weight room, hiring a personal trainer, etc. You’ll be pleased at the results you can get by stepping out of your comfort zone.


Making It a Successful New Year

2016 has arrived.   Looking back at members and clients that reached their goals in 2015,  it was little things they did that went a long way to their success. The most successful people in 2015 combined exercise and nutrition.  This was true regardless of goal.  They took a lifestyle approach to both.  This means they did not diet and exercise consistently three hours a week most weeks.

Exercise was not the all consuming lifestyle, forcing members to put the rest of their life on hold.   Instead it was 2-3 hours a week…week in and week out.  Some weeks if life was busy they only got two workouts in.  Since they did not start planning to exercise every day it was not big deal if they missed a day at the gym.  From experience we see many people plan to exercise every day, miss a few workouts, and then toss in the towel because they cannot stick to their plan.

The successful members did not diet, count calories/points/macros, or eliminate entire food groups (i.e. no carbs.)  They did follow Eat by Color, or another approach to eating that produces steady short-term results.  Most importantly their approach to food is one they can stick with long term.   Long term means there is no end to the diet and with it a return of the weight they lost.  The Eat by Color clients that did really well asked us lots of questions AND sent food recalls allowing us to point out things they were doing really well.  As a bonus the food recalls help hold people accountable.

Taking a look at people that were not quite as successful:  This group often got the exercise right or the food right, but not both.  They would crush the workouts and neglect the food.  Even some of our 1:1 personal training clients just would not commit to doing anything with nutrition.  Sure they got some health benefits from exercise but not nearly what they should.  Or they would nail the nutrition and never show up to train.  Even worse they would do mostly cardio and a few machines.

The fastest way to accomplish anything is to copy what those that have already done it did.  In other words don’t re-invent the wheel.   If crushing your goals in 2016 is important to you do these two things:

1)  Set a realistic exercise goal that compliments your lifestyle.  Two to three hours per week is all you need.  Make sure 70% of your time is spent doing resistance training.

2)  Don’t diet!  Find a long-term approach to easily making food choices.  Many have done great with Eat by Color.

If you want help with this ASK!  We have a Eat by Color Nutrition membership that we just launched (more information on page 4 of this newsletter).   You learn how and what to eat based on the foods you like to eat.  You also get digital training.  Plus accountability with both exercise and food to make sure you reach your goals and maintain them.




This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *